Corporate, Transactions and Foreign Investment

At Arrubla Devis we represent companies during all stages of their life cycle, offering security to shareholders and directives.

Our team provides its services to entrepreneurs and corporations, starting from the design, structuring and creation of corporate entities. Furthermore, we assist in the performance of day-to-day corporate obligations, as well as in managing relationships with clients, workers, suppliers, shareholders, public entities, and other stakeholders.

We have extensive experience in mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs and liquidation operations, as well as in insolvency proceedings. The Firm offers global assistance, combining knowledge in foreign exchange, tax, regulatory and foreign investment matters.

Medellín, Colombia

(+574) 322 98 84
Carrera 37 No. 2sur - 34



Bogotá, Colombia 

(+571) 482 40 84
Calle 70 bis  No. 4 - 54


EEUU (+1) 347 491 52 57

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