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Arrubla Devis is a leading law firm in the Colombian legal market, with 35 years of experience offering legal solutions to companies, entrepreneurs and public entities throughout the country. 

InArrubla Devis We have a team of lawyers highly prepared to provide a personalized, agile and efficient legal service.

Jaime Alberto Arrubla Paucar, leader of the Firm's professional team, is one of the highest authorities in commercial law matters in Colombia and Latin America. His career as a magistrate and president of the Supreme Court of Justice, author of multiple legal works, university professor and trial lawyer for more than forty years, gives him exceptional legal experience.


Arrubla Devis is made up of a team of lawyers with extensive experience and knowledge in the different areas of law related to business activity –from a legal, economic and commercial point of view–; relationship activities between the Colombian State and individuals, the design and implementation of public policies by state entities; and the solution of legal conflicts in their different scenarios.

The Firm is characterized by its experience, professionalism and personalized treatment to the client, in order to provide an efficient and tailored service. Seeks to create long-term relationships, based on knowledge of the client's business, their projects and challenges, which makes it possible to develop the most appropriate legal strategies to provide satisfaction and security.

The services provided by The Firm are designed for natural and legal persons, Colombian and foreign, in search of personalized legal solutions for both routine legal needs and more complex legal issues. He also advises officials and entities of the Colombian State in relation to their contracting processes, design, implementation and compliance with their public policies.

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